Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pepper Foam - a Unique Twist to MACE's Original Formula

On Wednesday we talked about the "perfume" pepper spray, which was an ideal product for the ladies who were looking for an innovative design. Today's product is also quite innovative and it pushes the boundaries of what we might consider a "pepper spray" formula. Namely, MACE has come with a unique twist by creating the Pepper Foam.

While it causes the same effects as as regular pepper spray, Mace's 10% Pepper Foam does come with certain advantages that the original doesn't have as well as a certain drawback. While the principle itself and the base chemical are the same, the pepper foam adds a whole new dimension to the whole process. Needless to say, an attacker will have a hard time cleaning his face from all the foam once you spray them and it will be easy to identify them later on. Another major advantage is that the foam will cover the whole face, meaning that it will be easier for the pepper to get into the attackers eyes and nostrils. The obvious drawback is that this product has a smaller range.

A look at the pepper foam's effects

But the foam itself isn't the only things that's interesting here. This device can:

  • Cover the attackers face and make him unable to see until the rest of the formula takes effect.
  • The pepper spray formula (OC Pepper) will cause the eyes to water and slam down shut.
  • Apply UV dye all over the attacker as he takes the foam of himself. This can help the police greatly in the identification of the suspect.
 The unique pepper foam gives you smaller range of 6-10 feet when compared to the pepper spray gel which has an effective range18 feet. However, this range still competes very well with other regular pepper spray devices. This foam formula is more designed and orientated at closer range combat as it can blind the target perfectly. This buys you time to react and take strong grip of the situation.

 Another useful feature of the product is the unique safety cap which prevents any accidental use of the spray. In case of an attack it can be removed in less then a second so it isn't an disadvantage either.

 The Foam Pepper Spray is ideal for:
  • Home security - sleep safely at night!
  • Keeping a spare in your car for a numerous of reasons.
  • Office protection.
  • Shop owners who fear thieves and/or armed burglars.
 One magnum unit contains:
  • 113 grams
  • 6 to 10 feet of effective range
  • 10 bursts, each of which will last for around 1 second.

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