Friday, April 17, 2015

The Powerful Stun Flashlight from Streetwise (Rechargeable Battery Included)

Whenever we talk about the Security Guard Stun Flashlight from Streetwise we like to open the discussion with a short story about mobile phones. Now, bear with me for a bit! Some time ago, phones were used only to call people, and texting was the latest innovation. However, technology has advanced very quickly over the last century and today smartphones are used to browse the web, read and write email, play games and much more! 

Learning from this one would assume that people really enjoy having several functions packed into one, but does it apply to personal security devices? While we don't see the possibility of a stun gun that can be used to browse the Internet in the near future, there are certain innovations in this industry that we are quite happy to talk about.

A good example of this (yes you guessed it) is the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Flashlight. It is one of the devices in our store that follows this idea. It combines the power of an effective stun gun with the utility of a bright flashlight. It is a powerful device for security guards who have to patrol an area at night. Aside from this it is great for those who enjoy peaceful walks in the evening, take their pets out for a walk or often find themselves searching for their car keys in a dark parking lot. 

The device is also rechargeable which means that you don't have to waste any money buying batteries. Just simply plug the device into a power outlet with the included cable and charge it.

Now, how about a virtual tour of the device? The photos below will show you the Stun Flashlight from both the front and the back and give you a good idea of how it works.
Back view of the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Gun with Flashlight 
Front view of the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Gun with Flashlight

 So how powerful is this Stun Flashlight by Streetwise? Will it give you the power to disable an attacker until authorities arrive and you can reach a safe zone? Of course! In fact, just test firing this device in thin air in front of you attackers will probably scare them off! As they see the pulsating electrical current and hear it snap they will probably thing twice before engaging you. This stun gun uses 4 million volts of power to achieve its efficiency and you can be sure that it will serve its purpose well. As for the flashlight, it contains three powerful LED lights that will provide you with a very bright, convenient source of light whenever you need it.

We will include a free holster with your purchase of the Streetwise Security Guard Stun Flashlight and will also provide you with free shipping!

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