Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The SecureShot Touch Lamp Hidden Camera

If you are looking for a product that is specialized for indoor surveillance (at home or the office) and you need a covert solution, then the Secure Shot Touch Lamp is likely going to be a product that's worht your time. It comes as a 2-in-1 solution as it features two hidden cameras that provide high quality video regardless of the light conditions.This dual functions means that this product can automatically and instantly switch the recording from a Sony Super HAD Hi-Res color camera to the equally impressive Sony Ex-View super low light B&W Camera (.0001 Lux). This switch happens once the light levels drop bellow 0.5 Lux so that the image quality stays top notch!  So,the result of this brilliant technique is that you will get great color video by day, and great low light video at night! 

The Black Dome Touch Lamp hidden camera
 The new line of dual hidden camera products will certainly impress you since there are no visible SD Card slots or video jacks and the video quality is greatly improved. Instead of a hidden SD Card compartment there is an area that blends in with the entire object that can be opened with a special magnetic key. This is where the SD Card is housed and nobody will ever find this hidden compartment  Every system includes two 1 GB SD Cards.

 The covert Touch Lamp Hidden Camera is great for your nightstand, office desk or your work table at home and you can also fit it on many end desks and shelves around your home. Thanks to its design it can fit inconspicuously in almost any decor and it will not draw attention to itself. It works perfectly as a touch lamp to nobody will ever suspect that there is a hidden pinhole camera located just below the shade on the lamp post. The hidden camera is easy to operate and sets up very quickly. It is user friendly and there is a lot of room to customize various options as you please.

 Along with your purchase you will receive:
  • SecureShot DVR/Camera
  • SD card (2Gb)
  • USB SD card reader with extension cable
  • RCA video connector (cable for use with your TV/Monitor)
  • IR remote control
  • Instruction manual.

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