Monday, May 25, 2015

Office Security Advice for Business Owners

 Depending on the type of business you run different security measures will probably have to be put in place. To avoid confusion however, this article will cover general ideas as well as specific case studies that should be meant to benefit any business  That in mind, this is the type of guide that is best suites for shops, general stores, offices and similar models. We will structure the guide into two parts: external and internal security. The first is meant to secure your business from the outside so that intruders never get a chance to cause you any trouble. The second part is meant to secure your business from those that do manage to breach your initial defenses or gain your trust and access in order to do you harm.

 Tighten up the building

 If you own your own store/shop then you should have full control over your own premises. The initial fear owners of such businesses have is that someone could brake in during night when nobody is around. This is usually done by breaking the windows, lock-picking or breaking-in through the door. For this purpose these sensitive "hot spots" should be taken care off. One solution is to cover your windows with metal bars and get a very strong door that can hold through anything most thieves can throw at it. However, the metal bars aren't always the most aesthetic solution, so it is a good idea to replace this with metal window shutters (known as security shutters). These should be rolled down during night in order to protect your store.

How to Increase the Security of Your Business?

Security Cameras?

 Usually business owners choose to place security cameras inside of their shops, stores and other premises. Most security agencies recommend this and for a good reason - it really works! However, this doesn't mean you should lower your guard on the exterior. Banks, for example, focus greatly on covering every inch of the area around their premises. Of course, there is an even better reason for a bank to do this, but should you waste money on it? Well, I would say that it isn't a priority, but even a single security camera can give your brand a lot of credibility. But if you give it more though, there isn't any reason not to include a dummy security camera as well. Something like a Dome Dummy Security Camera might actually come in handy more than you think! Since it uses motion sensors to trace movement of people around it, it looks like the real thing and certainly make one feel like that thing is watching them.

Hidden Cameras?

Hidden Camera Office Security
A desk hidden camera
It is not uncommon nowadays for businesses to use hidden cameras to secure their premises. This isn't a tool one should use to spy on their workers, but rather keep things in control. At the office, a hidden camera is great to secure one's desk, office space or safe in order to make sure nobody is sabotaging you. In a different setting, such as a shop you should locate a "hot spot" for the hidden camera to be placed. A good example is a hidden camera that is hidden inside of a clock which can provide you a wide-angle view of the premises. A good example of such a device is the Wall Clock Hidden Camera. Of course, you are free to come up with your own unique usage based on the many designs available at our store.

Alarm Systems

 Alarm systems are probably one of the best ways to improve the security of your business. If you hire a professional company to install and monitor your security system then you will certainly have a lot of peace of mind when it comes to safety. However, chances are that these services are something you just can't afford, especially if your business is a new start-up. Luckily, there is of course a much more affordable alternative. These Home Alarm Systems can do the job for you quite well if you put a little effort in thinking things through. At the very least this way you can get a chime alarm to inform you of the arrival of new customers as well as irregular entry in the "Staff only" areas. A loud alarm can scare of many thieves and burglars so it isn't such a bad idea to set a couple on during the night when your shop is closed.

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