Wednesday, May 13, 2015

StreetWise Nightstick - a Powerful Stun Baton for Security Personnel and Personal Protection

The Streetwise Nightstick is a unique 13.5 inch stun baton that servers as an ideal product for security personnel and guards. Aside from the 5 million volts that this device can output, we have to mention that this unit conveniently combines a bright LED flashlight and a loud alarm. This makes the Streetwise Nightstick an amazing 3-in-1 bundle that you shouldn't miss out on! Thanks to the affordable price tag of only $49.89 and our free shipping initiative, this device won't put too much stress on your budget.

Here's a few photos of this device before we dive into the specs and features:

The product package/box
The Streetwise Nightstick, 13.5 inches long

The Nightstick Features and Specs

Right off the bat (pardon the pun) we will agree on one thing: the main feature of this product is obviously its amazing 5 million volt output. This is extremely effective at stopping attackers, burglars and trespassers, but on today's market this isn't enough to justify the price point which is just under $50. Therefor Streetwise went an extra mile to include additional features that really make the Nightstick stun baton stand out from other products out there. Out of all these additional features it is most important to point out these:
  1. Included LED flashlight - this is a convenient source of light that will always be available to you as long as you have your Nightstick with you. The inclusion of these bright LED flashlights has practically become an industry standard and Streetwise even included these on their stun gun devices.
  2. Loud Alarm - in case a dangerous situation goes down, you can activate the alarm to alert everyone. Often this siren is enough to scare off enemies.
  3. Rechargeable power source - just plug the device into a standard wall outlet over night to have it fully charged the next day! Thanks to this method the battery is large enough to support all of the product's features and you don't have to waste money on regular batteries.

In addition, Streetwise has kept their industry standard features as a core of this product. As such the Nightstick comes with a rubberized armor coating which ensures a firm grip and protects the device from external damage. A safety pin mechanism is also included to prevent accidental discharge. Along with this Streetwise also includes a standard free holster that is both stylish and durable and will allow you to carry the device easily. 

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