Monday, May 4, 2015

The Z-Force Stun Gun Can - Powerful, Elegant and Now With Free Shipping!

Ff you have you ever felt defenseless or afraid when walking alone through a bad part of town at night then it is about time you put that fear to rest. The Z Force stun gun is perfect solution for your self-defense and personal security needs. Do silent parking lots give you the chills? It is all natural and normal and I must admit I am a bit uneasy about such scenarios as well. I was never sure who to blame for this - television or society, but either way I am a bit glad that such a fear exists as it has penned my eyes to all the dangers that might lurk the darkness. Our fears develop quite easily and offenders will try and use that against use. Do not be the defenseless victim and act like it couldn't happen to you! We talked about the Z-Force stun gun in the past already and it is time to remind ourselves of this amazing device.

 Technical Overview
  • 300,000 Volts
  • 6.5" Tall
  • Safety Switch
  • Wrist Strap
  • Uses two 9-volt batteries

 The Z-Force is an interesting device that offers unique design that adjusts well to small hands (easy to grip) and features 300,000 volts of power. Like most standard stun guns it also comes with a wrist strap and safety switch. These prevent the stun gun from being used against you, or prevent it from discharging by accident. The Z-Force stun gun comes with a lifetime warranty and uses two 9 volt batteries (not included). Besides the battery consumption the device is rather economical and doesn't require any other upkeep.

Instruction Video

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