Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mace Motion Alert Alarm with Keypad Password

We often talk about MACE as a reputable brand that produces different types of pepper spray that thousands of people across the country use to protect themselves daily. However, did you know that they also manufacturer home security products?

Today we will talk about a different type of a product and that is the Mace Motion Alarm which feature a great motion alarm with infrared sensors and programmable security code which is entered via the keypad. It is ideal for home security but great for shops, bars and restaurants that need to limit access to some areas or want some form of security during the night when everyone is away a burglars might invade the premises.

 You can select the area in which the motion is to be detected. So for example, you could limit it to detect motion approximately 5 feet from the device or anything else as long as it sensor is capable of such a distance. Once motion is detected a strong 105 dB alarm will be triggered to alert you or other people of the potential danger. The whole process is explained in the included user manual. As for the power supply of the device you can rest easy as there is no need for complicated wiring as this is a self-supported device which used batteries. Oh, don't want to waste money on batteries? Well, they are rechargeable and the AC Adapter comes include with the purchase free of charge, along with all the screws and bolts needed to secure the device in place!

Product photo:

 You can code the unit with a personal security code which is entered via the keypad in order to arm or disarm the unit. Shop owners can use the device at the entrance of the shop and set it to chime mode so that it sounds a gentle tone once a new customer enters the building.

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