Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pepper Spray Guide - Learning the Ropes!

Pepper spray is a personal safety product that is non-lethal and doesn't leave any lasting consequences, yet it is very effective and powerful. However, as with any device there are a lot of techniques to use it properly and it is important that one learns how pepper spray is supposed to be used. For this reason it is often a good idea to buy several canisters so that you can use one to practice on a dummy target. Do not worry though as the learning curve is quite small and you will master these techniques without too much trouble.

Aiming and Timing 

This is probably the most important thing to master and unfortunately it is difficult to be completely sure about them without any real experience. A lot of self-defense courses may provide you with simulations to help you gain this experience in a safe atmosphere, but other than that there is no real way to be completely sure. 

Nonetheless, you can still get a grasp of this on your own theoretically and with a bit of practice on a dummy in your backyard. The basic idea is to first realize how far your range extends. Is it 5 feet maximum? Well, as soon as the attacker is within those 5 feet he is fair gain, but somewhere between 3 and 4 will probably provide you with optimal results. This means that range and timing are closely connected to each other and are something that is worth practicing. As far as aiming is concerned, this should be fairly obvious. You are to aim directly for the attacker’s face and (more precisely) their eyes and their nose. 

The vapor of the spray will reach its destination even if the attacker is to close their eyes and brush the spray of their face as there is no escaping it once it has landed. The most valuable skill you could learn as far as aiming is concerned is how to adjust your device during a dangerous situation so that you can target the optimal area.

How to Properly Do It 

Generally speaking the basic technique to using pepper spray is to hold the canister upright and press the button down. Sounds easy enough, right? But then again there are all those factors that we mentioned above that you have to take into account. Not so simple anymore, yet…manageable at the very least, right? You would be balanced on both of your feet and ready to spray. You should warn the person with the free hand and shout as loud as you can for the assailant to stop.

However, it isn't a bad idea to grip the device with both hands in order to have proper aiming. A strong, firm grip makes it easier to handle the device properly. As mentioned before we recommend that you aim the pepper spray directly at the face of the attacker. Try to get the pepper spray into their eyes and face. If you cannot get the face then it may not help you or be effective. 

Don't spray a person's clothing. Aim for the face and eyes. Continue spraying and follow their head as they try to move away. Make sure the person gets a good dose of the pepper spray before you run away. Another thing to consider is that many people close their eyes when they use pepper spray. This is the last thing you want to do. Spray the person in the fact for 2 to 3 seconds and do not close your eyes. Closing your eyes will cause you to lose concentration and even track of time. You are supposed to be running after you spray the person really good and closing your eyes will not help.

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