Friday, August 7, 2015

The Smack Keychain Stun Gun from Streetwise

There's a rule of three P's that should be applied in the stun gun industry these days and I believe that this series of key chain stun guns fits these rules perfectly. Namely, a good stun guns should be: practical, portable and powerful! If you are looking for a device that matches these requirements then the Smack stun gun from Streetwise is a good choice. By definition this small device can easily be labeled as a key-chain stun gun and we have to admit that there aren't that many of these around. However, you should not judge it just by its size because the numbers speak for themselves.

Namely, this small, handheld stun gun can output 5 million volts of power! This is a pretty good amount of power and older mini stun guns have rarely been able to output this much. Another great thing about it is that it also comes with a very good LED flashlight which will provide you with additional utility. Oh, and I should also mention that the price of this device is only $39.95, and to seal the deal even further I have to mention that we will include free shipping on this product as well!

Once again, here's a quick recap of what the Smack the key chain stun gun has to offer:
  • Portable, practical and powerful!
  • Covert and discreet
  • Simple, effective and functional design
  • Did we mention powerful? How about very powerful (5 million volts)!
  • Comes with a built-in charger (energy efficient and no batteries!)
  • Holster is included

If you have never used a stun gun before and are a bit insecure about it, then we suggest you read our helpful article on how to use a stun gun that we had posted a few weeks ago (just follow the link). That article should clear our any question your might have had about how stun guns work and why you can be sure that these devices are non-lethal and will not leave any lasting side-effects. The article also explains how a stun gun works and how you can practice using it.

If there are still some questions that you would like to ask, then do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask us via Facebook or Twitter! Our dedicated staff will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible!

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