Friday, September 4, 2015

MACE Triple Action Leather Plus

Here's more info on the special Mace Triple Action series which has produced some of the most fantastic self-defense products used on the streets today with the highest efficiency rating. This time we would like to put the spotlight and all the attention on the Mace® Triple Action Leather Plus which is not just attractive, but also very powerful, compact and easy to conceal and carry around.

 Ladies might especially fancy this one as it is small enough to fit in the purse, looks very stylish and goes well with most outfitting combinations. To make easy to use in the dark, the product development team even made it so that the safety cap features a glow in the dark function to make easier for you to navigate and fine the flip top and open it.

 Along with that, you can set the Leather Plus pepper spray to be worn as a functional a key-chain and you will get a stylish leather-like case. Its 11 grams contain a total of 5 one second bursts which is quite enough for most encounters with an attacker. Assuming you miss your first burst, you still have four more to strike them, and since this formula uses tea gas, you don't even have to spray it directly into the eyes to have it begin its powerful effect.

 The triple action formula inside the Mace Triple Action Leather Plus contains:
  1. A powerful OC pepper spray which is super hot and will cause a lot of pain to attacker, leave them dizzy and confused as well as make them lose their orientation for some time. To have it take full effect you need to spray it into their eyes directly.
  2. In case its a bit hard getting a full burst, the CN tear gas will still do a lot of irritation and cause dizziness as it will enter the attacker's body if you just spray the pepper spray  close enough to his nose for the attacker to inhale.
  3. The UV dye marks the attacker with invisible dye which is only seen under UV light which will help you later identify the attacker and make the case much easier for the authorities.

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