Friday, October 16, 2015

Special Offer: Guard Dog Security "Elite 2" Stun Gun for Only $24.99

This month we are running a special sale at our store and offering the Guard Dog Elite 2 for only $24.99 (previously $59.99) and with included free shipping. This stun gun is the very power, compact and very economical thanks to it's rechargeable battery.

This unique model features an exclusive 6 prong design, giving off a "Triple Shock" effect. Since each two prongs are able to deliver an electrical current, this makes the Elite 2 one of the first ever stun guns of it's kind that can fire off three simultaneous sparks. Each shock can deliver up to 4.5 million volts of power, giving you the protection you deserve.

The Elite 2 comes with all the standard features, such as the disable pin. This safety button completely disables the stun gun if the device is taken away from you to prevent a criminal from using your own stun gun against you. Another popular feature these days is an included flashlight and the Elite 2 also comes with a integrated, built-in flashlight.

The body of the Guard Dog Elite 2 is rubberized, which protects the device from scratches and mechanical damage. It also allows the user to enjoy an non-slip grip.This means that the device will feel comfortable in anyone's hands.

Features Overview

  • 6-Probe Design, TRIPLE SHOCK
  • Powerful 4,500,000 volts stun gun
  • Safety/disable pin feature
  • Leather magnetic flip-top holster w/ belt clip and loop included
  • Built-in super-bright LED flashlight 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-in wall plug-in charger
  • Full rubber, non-slip grip Instant on/off switch

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