Saturday, October 3, 2015

Taser C2 Buying Guide: Learn About The Latest C2 Models

Stun guns and pepper spray devices are certainly very effective and affordable personal protection options. However, the Taser C2 is a device that has the highest efficiency rating and the most sophisticated dual technology that can provide you with peace of mind and several self-defense options. 

Although the device is quite complex in spite of its relatively small size, the the new Taser C2 series is very easy to operate and has almost a 100% effectiveness rating. In addition, recent police studies show that this device provides a higher instant disabling rate than a 9 mm handgun. 

The Elegant Black Model

How does a Taser C2 work?

A taser is not a device that works on the same principle as a stun gun and there are number of reasons why this method is far better. First of all, the Taser C2 is not a melee weapon and is instead used in a similar manner as a gun. It comes with integrated laser targeting which allows you to aim properly. Once you fire the device the compressed nitrogen will shoot out 2 darts that are attached to a 15 feet long wire. Once the probes hit the attacker they will penetrate clothing and the skin so that 50,000 volts can travel through and override the central nervous system. 

This device provides amazing take-down power and is certainly something that one would like to have at their disposal. Before order your Taser C2 we suggest that you look at the Taser device laws.

There are several models for you to choose from and there are a lot of elegant, high quality holsters available to match your chosen model. Make sure to browse the detailed lists of models here

Hard Case Holster
Choosing the Colors the Best Suited Your Style

We offer the Taser C2 in various colors:

Registration procedure 

 Once you order and pay for your Taser C2 through our website you will receive fee shipping and it will delivered to you, however, in order to activate the device you will still need to activate it. You will receive detailed instructions on how to do this along with the Taser C2, but essentially the procedure is quite simple. In order to activate the Taser C2 you must:
  • Call the included 800 number or go online to the included Internet address.
  • The activation process is actually a background check to see if you have a criminal record so don't order it if you have a criminal background.
  • The activation costs only $9.95 and after this the device will be fully registered.

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