Friday, November 27, 2015

SONIC - The Minature Magnetic Contact Alarm

 Why bother with complex alarm systems when you can have a wireless solutions based on magnets and small 9 volt batteries? This is the fundamental idea behind the mini magnetic contact alarm - they are small, portable and effective at what they are designed for. While they won't exactly stop a burglar, they might scare them away and alert you or others to their presence. The device is ideal for apartments and small businesses. A single pack costs as low as $17.95 and contains 4 mini alarms that can be places on doors, drawers and windows.
These mini alarms are only two and half inches long

Another advantage of the Mini Magnetic Contact Alarms is that is also a has a chime functions. While you are at work you can use this function to get alerted when new customers enter, while the alarm function can be used once you close-up and leave.

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A lot of people also use this device at home to secure certain cabinets or areas from their children. For example, what if your young child opened the chemical closet and (God forbid!) decided to drink some of the products in there? With the magnetic contact alarm you could easily secure this area and be alerted if your child were to open it.

A closer look at the magnets

 So we explained what the Mini Magnetic Contact Alarms with Chime is designed for, but we are yet to show you how they work. To be honest, the technology behind it isn't exactly rocket science but gets the job done pretty well. The alarms use a series of magnetic sensors which detect the opening of the window or doors they are placed on. 

The device will start a shattering 90dB alarm or a soft chime (depending on the settings you chose) once the main base loses magnetic contact with the other part of the unit. The alarm will alert you or others for a force entry or inform you of guests or clients who are coming in. If you don't want the alarm to be activated once you open the door/window just switch the device off before proceeding.

 Batteries are included with your purchase!

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