Friday, November 20, 2015

Taser C2 Training Cartridges and Accessories

If you are a proud owner of the Taser C2, but are yet to learn the ropes of this amazing self-defense weapon, then our Taser C2 training cartridges will help you get started. These blue training cartridges have a range of 15 feet and provide the ultimate simulation for training purposes. They contain a primer, gas capsule, probes, non-serialized tags and non-conductive wires.
Taser C2 Training Cartridges 4 Pack

Taser C2 Training Cartridges Feel Like the Real Thing

The Taser C2 training cartridges fire like a live cartridge but do not have the ability to cause neuro-muscular incapacitation and should not be used for self-defense. As such, they cannot do any damage should they hit someone by accident. The training cartridge will not cause the metallic target to 'crackle' and 'spark' in a demonstration.

We have two offers in our store:
  1. Taser C2 Training Cartridges 2 Pack which contains 2 packs and costs $69.89
  2. Taser C2 Training Cartridges 4 Pack which contains 4 packs and costs  $119.00 (you'll save $20.78 if you buy a single four-packs, instead of buying two of the two-packs)
Regardless of which of these offers you choose you will still receive free shipping and our customer service is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

Taser C2 Hard Case Holster

Speaking of the Taser C2, you might also be interested in our special hard-case holster. With this product your can protect your self-defense investment by using this elegant hard case holster for your device
As you can see from the product photo, this Taser C2 holster is best characterized by its black leather case with white stitching. It has auto-eject capability which allows you to quickly remove your Taser C2 from the holster. The product also comes with a very handy belt clip that allows the holster to easily attach to your belt.

This holster is available via our shop for only $48.89 along with free shipping.

Please note that the products mentioned in this article are compatible with the Taser C2 exclusively.

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