Thursday, September 29, 2016

Simple Home Security Ideas to Make Your Home Burglar-proof!

Every year in the U.S. there is more than five million home burglaries! A shocking statistic reveals that 9 out of 10 of these crimes are actually fairly preventable. The risk of being burglarized can be greatly reduced by taking simple steps to make your home more difficult to enter and less enticing to would-be burglars. Remember the greatest weapons in the fight to prevent burglaries are light, time and noise. In this article, we explore how the three can be used and what strategies work best.

How to Use Lights

Even though 60% of burglaries are done during daytime, the other 40% relied heavily on the lack of light and vision to do their deeds unnoticed. Thus, one should make sure that exterior lights are mounted out of reach so that burglars can't easily unscrew bulbs. Along with this one should also consider buying motion-sensitive lights, which are now available at relatively low prices.

If this is not an option (or it is just too expensive) we advise you to at least use a variable light timer to activate lights inside your home. Also make sure to trim trees, bushes, and shrubs near doors and windows so burglars can't hide in the shadows.

Using Time Against Burglars

 If you can make it very time-consuming for a burglar to break into your home by then they will probably just quit. If they do stick to the end, they will still be a short timer and won’t have time to steal too many of your things. This is of course not ideal, but damage control is always a positive thing.

 First of all, make sure you install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. While on the subject of doors, you could also invest some money into installing double key locks in doors which contain glass. This will keep a burglar from being able to open the door simply by breaking the glass and reaching through.

 You can also have window roller shutters installed for your first-floor windows and have them locked down during the evening or when you are away. This prevents burglars from just breaking the glass and hopping in.

The Noise Factor

 The most natural way to make some noise is to, get a dog. You don't need a large attack dog; even a small dog creates a disturbance that burglars would prefer to avoid. If you want a real guard dog that is also family-friendly and easy to keep in-house then consider a German Sheppard.

 The next big investment is to install an alarm system. If you can afford a major alarm company that will monitor activity for you and call you if anything suspicious happens then this is certainly a good investment. However, this is quite expensive and it is understandable that you may not have the budget to afford it. Thus, we recommend you buy some smaller, do-it-yourself alarms that use motion detection or infrared lasers as a trigger mechanic. These are very loud and will alert a lot of attention which will seriously disrupt the burglar’s plans.

 For more ideas as well as great products have a look at our home security section. If you have ideas of your own feel free to share them with us, we love to hear some feedback!

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