Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MACE Pepper Foam with UV Dye (Free Shipping!)

The Mace Pepper Foam is a very interesting product and we often find it hard to explain how it actually works. The idea is very similar to how pepper spray works, but the term "pepper foam" might be a bit confusing. So, what' the deal? The foam isn't just some new gimmick, it is a unique take on the original formula that makes it more dense and difficult to remove.

As you probably know, pepper spray is a liquid substance inside of a canister that is propelled via a powerful spray mechanism. This colloid substance that we know as pepper spray will make the attacker unable to continue his (or her) aggressive advance and will give the defender enough time to retreat to safety. This is the goal of the Mace Pepper Foam as well, however the way the idea is executed is conceptually different. Namely, the foam will cover a larger area of the attacker's face and it will be very hard to remove it. 

Its effect is much more instantaneous and it causes a lot of confusion.

The Mace Pepper Foam contains the same pepper spray ratio and chemicals as a normal pepper spray, but the addition of the foam will lead to confusion and even more disorientation for the attacker. Its convenient size makes it ideal for carrying as a personal self-defense product and the device itself is rather easy-to-use.

  • Weighs 67 gram
  • Has an optimum range of 6-10 feet
  • Contains five bursts, each one lasting for one second
  • Features flip-top safety
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Contains UV dye to mark an attacker
  • Free shipping included!
Powerful Foam Pepper Spray by Mace
 While the new formula will apply the same effects of a standard 10% pepper spray, the addition of the thick foam can really mean the difference and provide you with that extra trump card. The thick foam will cover the attacker's face which itself will make it harder for the attacker to see, breath and move. 

The OC Pepper in the formula will also do its job and force the attacker's eyes to slam down shut. Make no mistake, the Foam Pepper Spray by Mace is a really powerful self-defense product. The Large model is quite affordable, but if you want a larger one and can spare a few dollars extra, you can get the Magnum edition which will cost you only $22.99. You will also get free shipping with this offer.

 The foam formula also included a new ingredient - the ultraviolet (UV) dye that will invisibly mark an assailant that may aid in identification.

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