Friday, March 31, 2017

Staff Picks: The Top 3 Heavy-Duty Stun Guns with Flashlight Mods

In today's list, we will showcase three very powerful, heavy-duty stun devices that feature LED flashlight mods. These tactical flashlights are recommended for security professionals as well as personal, everyday use. They are not that compact, but they are portable and lightweight enough to fit in the stun gun category. These devices can achieve a power output that is quite scary, which is exactly why you want to have one of these products on your side.

The Jolt Stun Gun

Jolt Stun Gun 15million

Stun guns from JOLT are some of our top-selling devices. While they haven't been out for as long as Stun Master or Streetwise, their devices have had enough chance and time to prove themselves. This time, we recommend the Tactical Police Flashlight, a stun device that can output as much as 15 million volts of power!

Streetwise Police Force 

This tactical stun flashlight is manufactured by Streetwise, one of the most reputable brands in the industry. Their product is very powerful and it can output as much as 8 million volts and still have enough electrical power to keep the LED flashlight fully functional. The Streetwise Police Force utilizes a patented tripe-stun technology which uses three (3) output points which greatly increases its effectiveness. Currently, this product will set you back $49.95, but keep in mind that we do provide free shipping and handling services.

Multipurpose Stun Alarm

multipurpose stun gun

This large device is truly a definition of what we meant when we said "heavy-duty". Along with its stun gun function, this product provides you with additional utility via an included LED flashlight and loud alarm siren. The power output peaks at around 10 million volts, while the alarm sire produces an ear-piercing 150-decibel warning. Definitely, check out the product page for more details.

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