Monday, March 13, 2017

"Touchdown": The Rechargeable Stun Gun from Streetwise

Our store offers a great selection of stun devices, yet among all of those, it seems that the Streetwise Touchdown stun gun is a product that stands out the most. This year it has sold a lot of units, received some great reviews and our blog posts about this particular item have received a lot of traffic. Due to this, let us celebrate the Touchdown's success - we are new offering this product with free shipping.

Streetwise Touchdown Stun Gun
Device overview
The Streetwise Touchdown is both a powerful stun gun device as well as a portable flashlight that is fully rechargeable and comes with an included recharge cord that you can just plug into a standard wall outlet. This a brilliant feature as it will save you money on batteries and allow you to make sure that your device is fully charged before you go out.

Features overview:
  • Powerful stun gun with an estimated 7.5 million volts of power.
  • Integrated LED flashlight.
  • The device is fully rechargeable.
  • Comes with a disable pin and a safety switch.
  • The device is covered with rubberized armor coating.
  • A holster is included.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

 The Streetwise Touchdown stun gun can be quite intimidating and its larger size clearly signalizes that the device is able to provide a very powerful shock. Test firing the device in the air will probably be enough to scare most attackers and avoid any needless violence. In case the situation does become serious and dangerous you can always use the device to show that you mean business and deliver a very powerful shock that will override the attacker's neural impulses and cause extreme muscle spasm and pain.

A three to five-second shock is more than enough to bring most attackers to the ground and will give you ample time to contact the police and get to a safer location. The Streetwise Touchdown is also a very good flashlight that will certainly come in handy in many different situations and is another reason why you should carry this device around with you, especially at night.

Back view of the Touchdown

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