Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Best Surveillance Products for Your Home

Let's take a look at some of the best home surveillance devices that can help you boost the security of your home. While some the items on this list are straight-up surveillance cameras, we've also included covert security products that you may have never thought existed.

The items on this list might be a bit expensive, however. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that can help you protect your home I recommend that you look at out fine collection of dummy security cameras. These fake cameras don't work, but they look extremely realistic as they were made out of broken surveillance cameras in order to give an authentic and truthful look. Without further to do, let us get started!

iPhone/iPad Docking Station Hidden Camera

iPhone 5/iPad Docking Station Hidden Camera

This is a very interesting product that is packed with loads of features. This is why I strongly suggest you have a look at the product page to see the full list. Basically, this an alarm clock radio that doubles as an iPad/iPhone/iPod charger. If you think that that is impressive then consider this: it is also a hidden camera device that records on a hidden microSD card. This is an ideal product for your bedroom or living room that is extremely useful even when it isn't recording.

Day/Night Surveillance Camera

Day/Night Surveillance Camera

Second, we have one of the most affordable products in our collection that was designed specifically to be used for outdoor surveillance. Due to the infrared LED technology, it can provide very good footage in low-light situations making it a great day/night surveillance camera. The camera is armed with 56 infrared LED lights which allow it to record video up to 150 feet in total darkness. Overall it is a very high-quality product with a fair and affordable price. Check it out on the product page!

Wall Clock Hidden Camera with DVR

Wall Clock Hidden Camera with DVR

Frequent readers may remember of review of the Wall Clock Hidden Safe which is a very affordable hidden safe that I personally own and I am very satisfied with it. Along with this, I would really love to get this hidden camera wall clock as it seems like a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, there isn't a two-in-one device that doubles as a hidden camera and safe just yet, but I hope to see one in the future.

So, just what exactly is the Wall Clock Hidden Camera? As the name suggests this is a fully functional wall clock that has a hidden camera attached to it. The camera is expertly crafted and hidden inside the product so that nobody can see it. Since it is a wide angle camera you can use to film an entire room. The device features motion triggered recording as well as scheduled recording sessions. This is an ideal device for any indoor area as well as a great nanny cam.

Complete Home Surveillance System (4 Channels)

Home Surveillance System 4 Channels

Instead of buying individual cameras in order to set-up your ideal home surveillance system, we honestly recommend buying a pre-prepared system instead. The main reason is not the price as these bundled packages are much more affordable. Along with this most of the things are pre-configured and you get all the necessary cables and setup manuals you could imagine. Right now we are proud to suggest the 4 Channel Surveillance System Bundle which includes the following:
(1) Stand Alone 4 channel DVR. (SA-DVR-4)

  • (4) Day/Night Color Wired Cameras (BC-30WC-DN)
(4) 100 Ft Video Cables (CA-100)

  • (1) 19” Widescreen LCD Monitor (LCD-19)

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