Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SB-II Biometric Safe: Your Personal Micro Vault!

The safest way to secure valuables, as well as small firearms, is a biometric safe. Granted, they come with a significant price point, but they are a lot more flexible and more affordable than a real solid-steel safe. These are just too bulky, easy to spot and much more expensive. Our choice of the month goes towards a Biometric Safe, the SB-II micro vault. This product is built with a thick and high grade 16 gauge cold rolled steel and a very thick memory retentive foam interior. Do not worry as it isn't sharp to cause any damage to what is inside.
So, what's the advantage of putting your valuables inside a little box? The thieves will just take it away, you fear? Not likely! The first thing they would need to do is find the box, and then just grab it right? Well, finding it is one thing, but they won't be taking it with them if you secure it with the included high-strength security cable that secures it to furnishings in your home, car, RV, office or motel, giving you double protection. You can always put a portable GPS unit inside as well, so even if they do take it, you will just track them down with the help of the police and the GPS unit.

Specifications of the SB II

    •    Stores multiple user(s) fingerprints (up to 9 users, or 9 fingerprints for one user).
    •    Access control at the touch of a finger
    •    Security cable & backup key included
    •    Fingerprint recognition takes less than one second
    •    Primary Function: Fingerprint Storage Safe Box
    •    Primary Materials: 16 gauge black steel exterior with thick memory retentive foam interior
    •    Mechanism: Fingerprint biometric lock, key lock override, omnidirectional spring-loaded door.
    •    The device comes in a stylish, modern black color design.
    •    Biometric Resolution: 500DPI
    •    Verification and comparison time: n ≤1s
    •    False rejection rate (FRR): ≤0.01%
    •    False acceptance rate (FAR): ≤0.0001%
    •    Static current: ≤12uA
    •    Dynamic current: 110MA~180MA
    •    Battery Life: Approx 12 months
    •    Power Source: 4x AA batteries
    •    Dimensions: 
- Outer Dimension: L:10.6" x W:7.4" x H:1.96"

 So as you can see, the batteries won't cost you too much as they lost a lot of time. And your data is still stored even once the unit loses power. The recognition time of the SB II is quite impressive and the device is very responsive.

Product Notes

    •    If the security box runs out of power then it can be opened with the key (new batteries should
         last 12-months and can easily be replaced as needed)
    •    Retains your fingerprints even when the batteries are changed
    •    Quarter-turn lock comes with 2 keys which can be used as additional security to your lock box
    •    Attaches to any fixed object with included 1,500lb rated security cable
    •    Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
    •    Can be mounted under the seat in any car or truck, or at home in any similarly compact space.
         Fits J and K-frame revolvers (up to 4" barrel) and semi-auto handguns

Package Contents - SB-II

    •    Keys x 2
    •    Security Cable
    •    Manual - English

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