Monday, June 12, 2017

The Safety Beam Alarm: Affordable Home Security

In order to protect our home, family, and privacy we've set-up our yards, walls, and doors, but these are things that only stop honest people from burglarizing your home. Would you use it to protect people from breaking into your apartment while you are sleeping or away? Wouldn't it be ideal if you could set-up an invisible wall inside your home that could protect your property?

PS: Yesterday we wrote about another great product for your home security. Do check out the MACE motion alert alarm!

While modern technology doesn't provide us with a full-proof method of doing this, we can still set-up powerful alarm systems in our homes at affordable prices. We are of course talking about the Safety Beam Alarm, an amazing infrared motion detector which will help you protect your home.

 With the help of the Safety Beam Alarm (which is a small $39.95 investment), you can improve your current security system or start building your own set-up. Buy as many as you need and set up your own little beam alarm security system without too much trouble.The invisible infrared beam spreads for up to 60 feet between the two units and will sound an alarm once the line is crossed. In case you want to use it to alert you when a new customer enters you shop, you can set it to chime mode which has three volumes - low, medium and high.

 Once you order the Safety Beam Alarm you will also get two AC adapters for each unit, but the battery pack is not included and is something you have to buy yourself. Given as the device is rechargeable you will still save a lot of money in the long run. As for the distance on the beam, the highest it can go to is 60 feet, but this is, of course, something you can change to suit your needs as you please!

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